Your business is thriving. There are far more pressing concerns—this month’s marketing budget, the performance of your online ads, the change in conversion rate—than what you’re doing with recycling. You’ve got a box in your copy room where lightly used paper can go. Why would you need to waste your time and energy to put together some kind of waste management program?

Recycling is a behavior. Much like exercise and eating healthy, several people have a hard time performing this task regardless of how good it is for them. But you’ve built this business with your bare hands. Saving the Earth is no longer about damaging the environment, because the effects of our poor disposal habits don’t happen quickly enough to express the danger. Instead, we recycle for the 3 P’s: PEOPLE, PLANET, and PROFIT.

Different communities and businesses have barriers that we couldn’t imagine if we tried when it comes to recycling. If we learn these, help the world move past them, and do our part, we can see the benefit in all areas.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Recycle:

If you’re looking for a good reason not to recycle, take a trip down Main Street. When asking anyone around you why they don’t take the time to implement the practice, you’ll hear a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s inconvenient, or maybe it takes too much time. Most people forget or think that the cost is too much for them. On the other hand, you’ll come across folks who simply don’t care about this waste management process or understand the benefits.

But none of these reasons are good enough when it comes to leaving our planet in distress for generations to come.

Help the PEOPLE Around You

When it comes to putting together a recycling program, think of your family. Unless medical innovation really ramps up in the next 30 years, there’s a good chance that you’ll never meet your great, great grandchild. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need a healthy planet that will survive beyond her lifetime. Consider that face as you decide whether to put the effort in to recycle or instead simply let that waste be burned, further polluting our atmosphere.

You can also think about helping the PEOPLE in the present. In Sweden, burnt up waste actually powered a quarter of a million homes. Their efficient programs for recycling and eliminating the waste have actually made it so that they’ve run out of garbage. But that’s no need to fear, because their next-door neighbors have been sending their waste over. Think of the cute little old lady next door; isn’t it worth it to help her by stepping up our waste management system?

By keeping a recycling plan for your home, you’re actually helping bolster the economy. The PEOPLE who take care of this waste are part of millions—you’re helping keep food on the table of PEOPLE you don’t know.

Reduce the use of natural resources. In one hundred years from now, you want PEOPLE to have the view to the east of a beautiful mountain range, right?

Protect Your PLANET

We’ve been given bodies that take what we throw at them, regardless of what it is. Whether you’re someone who likes to drink beer or someone who enjoys a diet coke and a cheeseburger, your body was given the ability to heal and do so quickly. Our PLANET Earth, on the other hand, is slow to heal and quick to damage.

Again, this often comes down to considering what future generations will have to deal with when it comes to a healthy environment. By simply improving our waste management efforts, we can change the face of this PLANET.

This often relies on access. Nearly a quarter of Americans don’t have curbside recycling services. We don’t have any kind of federal regulations that provides people with proper waste management services. We need to give access to this process through whatever means necessary, even if it means vying for legislation to help the process along.

Finally, it comes down to a matter of not throwing trash where it doesn’t belong. The garbage that resides in our oceans affects animals and our coral reefs. When we choose to do our part and search “recycling center near me” we are literally helping save millions of lives on this PLANET.


Watch the Increase in PROFIT

Now we’re back to talking about your business. If you don’t work in an environment that produces items—a factory worker, a cook in a restaurant, a seamstress—then you have no idea how much reducing your waste can shrink the bottom line. When you rely less on raw materials, the PROFITS you’ll save will be astounding.

For instance, if you work in a corporate position, office paper can be a major change. By simply recycling this, you’ll save: 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of space in local landfills and up to 463 gallons of oil for transport.

This is only one area to save money on supplies and energy. Imagine the changes that can be made if you reduce the amount of disposal costs (the costs of removing the waste from your office space). Think about how much less the power bill would be if you used energy efficient items.

Calculate in your mind the amount of money you spend each month on purchasing paper plates, plastic silverware, cone cups for the water cooler, and bottled water in the fridge. If you truly knew the amount of money wasted on items that could instead be reusable—office dishes, silverware, coffee mugs and water bottles—you would shake at the thought.

By eliminating these simple one time costs, you’ll notice a major increase in PROFITS. It’s hard to give an estimate because each office is so different, but through incorporating a recycling program, you could get thousands of dollars back in your pocket every single year—NOTHING BUT PROFIT.

To start, we at Green Think will come in and analyze your waste stream. With an idea of where your money is going, you can get a clearer plan of where you’re losing PROFIT. Did you really need to print an agenda 30 times, or would an email have sufficed?

Shift your focus to the three P’s, and you’ll find that your motivations for recycling have increased ten fold.