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Click HERE to view a guideline of what can be recycled in Utah.











Valet Door-to-door collection

GreenThink provides individual recycling bins and recycling bags to residents. Recyclers simply place their tied bags and bins in designated areas(typically right outside their door) on scheduled pickup days ranging from 2-5 pickups per week. Collection times vary depending on the needs of the community.

General collection and removal hauling

Large bins will placed in waste collection areas with pick up(s) scheduled 1-5 times per week depending on the space and needs of the complex

Our goal for multi-family complexes is to make the process of recycling easy for everyone while giving your recyclables another shot at being a useful product. We'll help YOU make a difference and you won't even know we're there!​​



General collection and removal hauling

​​​Large bins will placed in waste collection areas with pick up(s) scheduled 1-5 times per week depending on the space and needs of the business. ​Recycling dumpsters coming soon.


​​​Interested in reducing you impact beyond waste reduction?  We will come in to your establishment to find out how you can be more efficient in your operations to maximize your bottom line, while also saving the world.

Our goal for business' is to really understand how we can help you reduce waste.  In order to do this we evaluate and discuss the waste stream with management and employees to get an idea of where the most improvement can be made.



We now offer glass collection!  

Glass has been something that y'all wanted.. 

Now it's here! Starting at $15 per month

Click below for where you can take your glass. It's probably closer than you think.  

One time Pickups

Don't just take everything to the dump. so much of our household and office waste can be given a second chance. Sometimes there are valuable/usable commodities in what you think is waste.​​​

Don't be wasteful when you can be resourceful!

Large Dumpster Service
Are you working on a large project at your home or work place?  Do you have a large amount of recyclables? We are partnering with Dumpsters and Drywall to provide recycling options on a large scale.  We go big!.. And small.. Whatever you need. Check out our recycling resources tab for items that are recyclables and how to properly recycle those items.

We want to provide waste reduction opportunities in other areas as well, including glass, compost (coming soon) and non-traditional recycling options.

We provide large 96 gallon bins for you to put all of your recyclables in.  

When you are finished, we come and pick up your recyclables, and you get to feel good knowing you did the right thing.. Doesn't that feel good?

Large scale recycling

  1. Renvoating your home

  2. Working on a large project

  3. Construction recycling

  4. "Spring cleanup"

  5. Appliances