• Adds value to property

  • Recycling can significantly reduce the need and cost for regular garbage service

  • Service fee is transferable to residents

Property Manager / Business
Do you work in a place that doesn't recycle?  Tell you manager to give us a call to see what we can do for you. Are YOU the manager?  Give us a call.

We've talked to tons of people who wish they had some sort of recycling in their office. Sometimes it takes a little bit of pressure from employees to get on board.

Property Residents / Apartment Dwellers
We provide our service to you when your apartment or HOA 

(Minimum 10 tenants subscriptions)

(Property mgmt provides access)

We come right to your door or garage.

Subscription based service - Cancel anytime - Single-stream recycling collection

Environment / Community
When you reduce your waste, you’re saving money because you are extending the life of landfills. Your communities are improved and much cleaner, and you’re doing your part to preserve natural resources. 
When you recycle in the state of Utah, you can feel good because your items are being re-circulated as new building materials. The recycling industry is a $236 billion industry—you’re creating jobs.