GREENTHINK  Recycling and Services, is a specialty recycling management company that provides door-to-door recycling service for multifamily communities; apartment complexes, student housing, senior housing, and condominiums to name a few. We also provide recycling options for businesses that are interested in "GreenThinking". At GreenThink, our goal is to provide the best recycling option and waste reduction service in Utah that contributes to not only the residents of our communities but to our beautiful communities as well. GreenThink offers property managers, residents, and businesses the convenience of doorstep valet recycling service with multiple pickups per week. Our driving goal is to help maintain and preserve our environment and enhance our economy.


(...and why we think you should too!)


Plain and simple, we care about the environment. We want to help reduce our waste and their negative effects while also doing our part to take care of our community. We believe that Green Think Recycling can contribute positively to our economy and play a key role in helping our environment, now and for generations to come.